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Free Cloud Antivirus

Below are some of the list of the free cloud antivirus in the market.

Why we need free cloud antivirus?

1. It’s free (Pro/commercial version come with addition features)

2. Second layer of the antivirus protection


SEP 12 Beta Now Announced

Hi All,

SEP 12 Beta Now Announced.

Register yourself & receive udpates.

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Move Symantec EndPoint 11 Database to other location without re-installation

 Symantec EndPoint Protection 11 Manager come with embedded database. The default location for the database is stored in "C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\db\sem5.db". This database might grow and this will cause your C: drive running low of disk space. 

Solution: Move the DB folder into other drive / location

1. Stop "Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager" and then follow by "Symantec Embedded Database" in Windows services.


Resetting the Symantec EndPoint Protection Manager password to admin

If you forgot the admin/administrator password for Symantec EndPoint Protection Manager, try the below solution


You can use the resetpass.bat to reset the password for the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager admin account.

If you change the admin account name to something other than admin and then subsequently run resetpass.bat, it changes the account name back to admin.

To reset the administrator password


Trojan: winntR1.exe, winntR2.exe, winnt2.exe, winnt3.exe, winnt4.exe, winnt5.exe, winnt.6.exe

Virus/Trojan Summary

Name: Generic.dx!zi!1958aa4e01e3 (McAfee), Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Banload [Ikarus]

Type: Trojan virus