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Latest JellyBam is now known as BAM-Rom

Latest JellyBam is now known as BAM-Rom The last version for JellyBam is 10.3.0. There will not be any further JellyBAM version such as 10.4.0 or 10.5.0. Now the JellyBAM is known as BAM-Rom or BAM-Android. I was using JellyBam 10.3.0 (or in fact, 10.x.x version)  on my Samsung Galaxy Note N700. It was very […]


Blackberry as Dial-up Modem (Internet Tethering)

In order to use Blackberry as the modem for your laptop/desktop to go online, below are he steps:

1. Make sure Blackberry Desktop Manager is running al the time

2. Open "Phone and Modem" in the Control Panel

3. Go to Modem‘s tab