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LDAP over SSL for Domain Controller

LDAPS over SSL (LDAPS) for Domain Controller Each of Domain Controller have Lightweight Directory Access Protocol – LDAP (port 389) open for authentication for 3rd party application/system such as firewall/VPN appliance. The LDAP protocol is insecure because the data is sent in the clear text format. Therefore, we need LDAPS (LDAP over SSL) to encrypt […]


Extend Windows Server Partition Size without reformat

There are lot of case we need to addin more hard disk space for the server. Of course you have the option to create it as new partition/drive but it might not work certain application/data that must stick within the existing partition. Basically below are the steps to extend or resize the existing partition for Windows 2003 Server and above


Computer Cloning with similar SID might cause network problem

Using Disk Image Cloning (e.g. Symantec Ghost) for mass desktop rollout/deployment can significantly saves hours of work and hassle over other rollout method but it might cause major network problem if every cloned system has an identical Computer Security Identifier (SID). This fact compromises security in Workgroup environments, and removable media security can also be compromised in networks with multiple identical computer SIDs.


AutoEnrollment Problem

AutoEnrollment Problem

Event Viewer show error below after activated/installed Ceritifcate Authority service:

Event ID: 13
Source: AutoEnrollment
Type: Error
Description: Automatic certificate enrollment for local system failed to enroll for one Domain Controller certificate (0x80070005). Access is denied
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